Monday, January 2, 2012


                                                      Web Girl of the Year=Issy(21%)
Runners up:Maria Moore-Samantha38G(19%),TrinetyG-Angela White(17%)

Model of the Year=Milena Velba(41%)

Runners up: Nadine Jansen(24%),Chloe Veriver

                                           Porno Star of the Year=Hitomi Tanaka(38%)
                                           Runners Up:Gianna &Samantha38G(20%),Maseratixxx(14%)

                                         Female of the Year= Milena Velba(42%)
                                         Runners up:Hitomi Tanaka(30%),Nadine Jansen(23%)

                                          Latina of the Year=Kristina Milan(51%)
                                                Runners up:Issy(36%),Sharday(10%)

                                              Foreigner of the Year=Milena Velba(37%)
                                                  Runners up:Hitomi Tanaka(18%),Kristina Milan& Maseratixxx(13%)

                                                Thickness of the Year=Issy(40%)
                                       Runners up:Aneta Buena(35%),London Andrews& Pinky(12%)

                                            Best Boobs of the Year=Milena Velba(39%)
                                      Runners up:Hitomi Tanaka(35%),College Tits&Gianna&Nadine Jansen(9%)

                                      BBW of the Year=Samantha 38G(56%)
                                                       Runners up:BustyMeow34JJ(20%),Jade34H(12%)

                                                 Asian of the Year=Hitomi Tanaka(93%)
                                               Runners up:None

                                              Black Female of the Year=Maseratixxx(56%)
                                                      Runners up:Alexis Silver(19%),Carmen Hayes(17%)

                                                   MILF of the Year= Milena Velba(47%)
                                                     Runners up:Christy Canyon(22%),Nadine Jansen(20%)                                                  
I wasn't expecting the turn out that I got from this.Thank you for all that voted and congrats to the winners.This was my first time doing this so it's a learning curve.I already know what to do different next year.Maybe I'll have some contests throughout 2012.

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